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AdiPrep (Adipose Stem Cell)


Adipose cells are found throughout the body, and contain the adult mesenchymal stem cell stores. The cells that have the highest concentrations of these mesenchymal stem cells are found in the abdominal fat around the umbilicus. These cells are one of the body’s primary storage reservoirs.

Similar to Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), BMAC and ADIPOSE stem cells harnesses the body’s natural ability to heal itself by using these incredible cells that have this amazing ability to form different types of connective tissues, that are stored in your bone marrow and adipose (fat) cells.

Unlike other cells of the body, bone marrow cells and mesenchymal adipose cells are undifferentiated, which means they have the ability to replicate themselves into a variety of tissue types. Our body is always in a continuous state of monitoring, repair and regeneration. Unfortunately, as with a lot of things, aging will decreases the quantity of regenerative cells, which partly explains why our ability to recover and heal from injuries typically takes longer as we get older.

ADIPOSE mesenchymal stem cells accelerates the body’s natural healing mechanisms. These mesenchymal stem cells have the ability to replicate themselves into a variety of tissue types, therefore, when injury occurs, the usual number of regenerative cells needed for tissue regeneration is often inadequate. By using ADIPOSE stem cells, one is able to supply a much greater concentration of these regenerative cells, which then allows for a much quicker recovery time from the injury or problem. The ADIPOSE also has an added advantage of being a thicker jell like consistency and is therefore a better option for larger retracted injuries and defects.


The process of obtaining and preparing these powerful regenerative cells is relatively simple. The physician using MSKUS (ultrasound) guidance, a small hollow tube (trochar) is used after the subcutaneous fat is anesthetized through a small incision; the stem cells are harvested using a small liposuction procedure. This typically takes about 30 minutes. The adipose stem cells are then separated using a centrifuge and then activated with PRP, for use to treat the various problems. The entire process typically takes about 2-3 hours