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BHRT Program

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Program

Previ Medical Group’s first level tier program offers the complete program for understanding what is contributing to a person’s change in the most commonly recognized hormones as one ages. With that ongoing evaluation, the knowledge gained will be utilized to enact a personalized program to help replace naturally some of these vital hormones needed for restoring the “energy” of youth.


  • Comprehensive Blood Testing, including but not limited to:
    • Hormone Profile with comprehensive chemistries
    • Advanced Lipid profiling
  • Body Composition Analysis measurement
  • Vitamin/supplement injections
  • Initial Complement of vitamins/supplements including:
    • Biomega Krill Oil
    • Mitocore Multi-vitamin
    • TherBiotic Probiotics
  • 2 months of MD consultations from date of initiation of program

FOLLOW UP (after initial two months):

  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Vitamin/supplement injections
  • Ongoing support of medical anorectics as needed
  • MD Consultation

Further Benefits:

  • 15% discount to all supplements and products
  • Discounts on aesthetic services, including PRP rejuvenation, DERMAPEN and Thermi RF
  • 50% discount to Ideal Protein Meal replacement

* includes partial coverage for lab work from health insurance. If no health insurance is available or labs are not covered under health insurance, additional fees may apply.