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Executive Health Program

The Executive Health Program is the “Flagship” program of Previ Medical Group. It involves a “concierge” level of care that will incorporate the management of one’s health according to the needs of the individual, with even home or office visits as a possibility. It is truly a proactive, preventative, personalized program to help manage the issues with aging. The program incorporates the latest developments in the understanding and balancing of essential hormones and nutritional supplements (ie. Vitamins and minerals). The program further explores the issues of toxic exposures, gut biology, and neurotransmitter/memory responses. The understanding of all these essential components of one’s health is meant to keep one at an optimal weight, lean body composition, improved energy and vitality and increased functionality. The focus on HEALTH and not disease remains the emphasis of the program on an ongoing basis.


  • Comprehensive Blood Testing, including but not limited to:
    • Hormone Profile with comprehensive chemistries
    • Advanced Lipid profiling
    • Functional Intracellular Analysis
    • Urinalysis for heavy metal after provocation testing
    • Salivary and urinary neurotransmitter testing
  • Body Composition Analysis measurement
  • Vitamin/supplement injections
  • 3 months of MD consultations from date of initiation of program
  • EKG (Electrocardiogram)
  • “Max Pulse” cardiovascular screening
  • Initial Complement of vitamins/supplements including:
    • Executive VitaPack
    • Fiber Plus
    • Therbiotic Probiotics
    • Biomega Krill Oil
    • LifeCore Meal Replacement shake
  • Ongoing support of medical anorectics as needed
  • One skin care product tailored to your personal skin care needs
  • Nutritional Consultation, initial and one follow-up
  • Memory Testing
  • Carotid IMT measurements
  • Biometric measurements from home/office

**Includes partial coverage for lab work from health insurance. If no health insurance available or labs not covered under health insurance, additional fees may apply.

FOLLOW UP (after initial three months):

  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Vitamin/supplement injections
  • Ongoing support of medical anorectics as needed
  • MD Consultation

Further Benefits:

  • 30% discount to all supplements and products
  • Discounts on aesthetic services, including PRP rejuvenation, DERMAPEN and Thermi RF
  • 65% discount to Ideal Protein Meal replacement